Rain…! And harvesting our smiling courgettes…恵みの雨。そして、ズッキーニの収穫!

Hello, Akane is here again.

First of all, let me show you the photo of these beautiful shiny courgettes for I’m just excited and proud of having them here now!

Shiny courgettes!




It hadn’t been raining for several weeks since I’ve moved to Wassamu. The farms were getting dried up, and the local farmers were starting to think of finally using the sprinklers to water their pumpkins and soy beans that were wilting. Then, finally, it started to rain yesterday. What a blessing. It’s still raining now. Good for the soil to absorb the water slowly and thoroughly.

A beautifully kept pumpkin field in Wassamu. The pumpkins look as if they

I’ve just started to experience and practice how the “agriculture” works, but when this rain started, I so deeply felt thankful for now I know by my body that the plants, our edible agricultural products need “water” and no sprinklers are as good as steady rain at appropriate timings. I feel I’m becoming so humble in front of the nature. The farmers are the people I respect more now, because they have to depend on this natural events called “sunny” or “rainy” or “snowy” at all times and they can not control them but must make the best use of them.

So, the rain is good for our practice farm, where we’ve planted tomatoes, corns, watermelons, etc., and so is it for the weeds that grow next to/in between our agricultural products! The veggies would get bigger in a couple of days after this rain, but the weeds would grow massive as well. Sigh… Loads of weeding on our way! But, we should go see how our courgettes doing since they looked almost ready to be picked last Friday. Luckily, the rain had stopped for a short time this morning.

This is how they looked like last Friday. ↓

Almost ready-to-eat courgettes 3 days ago.

As Toshiki and I had expected, the courgettes had gone huge… We picked four of them. And many more are getting bigger. How happy I was to see them this way and pick them by my own hands…! However, I was a little worried of them tasting less delicious for they’d gone too big. Then Ms. Eguchi of Agricultural Centre saw us carrying our huge courgettes and looked at them, and said “Wow, you’ve made it! They’re lovely! Don’t worry, they’re just about the right size and not too big. They’d taste just fine.” Obviously, my worries were gone by the word of this professional lady.

OUR courgettes (in Japan they call it zucchini. An American influence here...)

We’ve picked four of them today. In my mind, the recipes such as minestrone soup, oven-baked courgettes with grated salt and pepper drizzled with plenty of olive oil, and courgette & cheese omelette were going round and round for tonight’s dinner!And Ms. Eguchi is such a Hokkaido beauty for she is so beautiful, caring, and strong. (She’d probably complain after she reads this blog, saying she doesn’t want me to advertise her in such a way! But I’d ignore her, because nothing can beat the truth!) Anyway, she suggested us to leave one courgette unpicked, and we’ll be able to see it grow gigantic, and we thought it’s such a hilarious idea. We’d surely leave one to make it huge! It’s so fun to grow vegetables.

Our farm, the Youth Leaders’ Farm, is a small area where we can experiment and practice growing any agricultural products we’d like to try growing. This is important for us because agriculture is the major industry in Wassamu, and without knowing what it is like by ourselves, we won’t be able to understand the people here or how to help them to revitalise this community. So, I do appreciate the opportunity to try “agriculture” here for the first time in my life, but to be honest, it’s such a hard work! The area is relatively big enough for me to get exhausted when watering them in the sun for 3 hours. But I could feel how I’ve put my heart into growing these vegetables, when I found myself crying out from joy and gratitude yesterday upon seeing the rain: “Our tomatoes, other vegetables would be saved…!”

We went in the sun to look for the seedlings, bought them, ploughed the soil, mulched, planted, watered… sweating most of the time. And these courgettes are the result of all. I’m so happy and satisfied. Never been so amazed admiring the shiny courgettes in front of me.

Thank you, Toshiki, Kazuki, Ms. Eguchi, the handsome brothers Shoma and Yudai Fujii, and all who have supported us do the works until now. Tonight, I’m going to cook them and taste them with the deepest thankfulness and satisfaction.

If I could cook them right, I’d probably put the photo of it here next time.

Oh, and lots of weeding is on the way from tomorrow, if the weather was good!

See you soon.








収穫したズッキーニ(イギリスではコージェットと呼びます)。大きいほうは23cm という立派な体格。今日は4本収穫しました。





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